Requests can take up to 4 business days.
A drawing, dimensions and application are required.
Closest model number is required per special that is being requested.
Please indicate if the quantity is more than one per special for improved pricing.
Multiple product specials can be requested on one request.
Parts requests that should be submitted to your local distribution center: replacement parts, warranty issues, components that require hardware or drilling to connect to an existing unit in the field, hardware request for an existing unit, change from one material to another on an existing unit.

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Dealers, Global Territory Managers and Global Regional Managers should not request specials related to ACTIVE projects being specified by the Global Specification Department. Please reach out to the specifier assigned to your request for assistance with specials.

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All COM Fabric needs to be pre-approved by your local customer care representative and submitted with your project request.
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The dealer assumes all responsibility for all aspects of the specification or specification check provided by Global; this includes field verification (measurements, interior obstacles or any aspects of the physical environment), finishes, electrical requirements, all requested furniture is represented and accuracy of information provided.
CAD files will be provided to the dealer for revisions, to add finishes for format drawings for installation.
New requests for specification checks must be registered with Global.

This rendering is being provided to you in connection with the prospective retail sale of products and is for informational purposes only. Global Industries, Inc. is not a licensed interior designer or architect.
The dealer is responsible for all field verification.